In the Age of Insight, data has become the heart of every digital transformation initiative in every industry. Data is everywhere but accessing it without disrupting productivity is a key pain point. For most organizations, significant challenges remain to successfully execute data-first modernization initiatives.

Your business needs a simplified approach to data. An approach that delivers a cloud-native experience without moving everything into the cloud and replacing one proprietary platform for another.

In this virtual event, we have shown how HPE can help you to unify, modernize, analyze and protect all of your data, from edge-to-cloud, in any and every place it's stored, so that you get a sustainable competitive advantage.

An innovative event experience

In tune with the trending concept of “metaverse”, attendees joined in an unconventional, exciting and entertaining 3D virtual world where they could explore with their own avatar with many opportunities to engage and interact in fun and effective ways.

Whatever their technical or business role, they found many places in this event world where to be inspired and get the most out of their data. They learned, sharpened their skills, met and hanged out with fellow tech enthusiasts, data aficionados, business disruptors and overall innovation devotees.

The event is now over, but here below, you can still view the replays of the sessions.

An innovative event experience HPE Data World 2021


Session Title
Gilles Thiebaut,
Managing Director, SVP Global Sales for Northern Western Europe, HPE
Data at the heart of digital transformation
This session will explain how data is at the heart of digital and business transformation. Watch to learn how to fuel your edge-to-cloud digital transformation!
Fabian Wilckens,
Head of Sales Ezmeral, DACH/CERTA, HPE
The Cloud that comes to you
How HPE GreenLake can help companies react to immediate business needs and drive significant modernization across their company – Should I stay or should I go?
Carsten Regner Nielsen,
Director, GreenLake Cloud Services, NWE, HPE
Trustworthy AI: Applying AI with Ethical Confidence across Industries
At Hewlett Packard Labs, we are developing Trustworthy AI where accuracy, equity, sustainability, privacy, compliance, and confidence are engineered from edge to cloud. It is AI you can trust.
Kirk Bresniker,
HPE Fellow, VP and Chief Architect, Hewlett Packard Labs
HPE GreenLake for Data Protection
Modernizing data protection is key to keeping pace with today’s changing hybrid cloud environments and ensuring data and applications achieve always-on availability. With HPE GreenLake for Data Protection, customers can protect their application workloads effortlessly, secure their data against ransomware and other cyber-attacks, and recover from any disruption in a cost-efficient approach.
Sandeep Singh,
Vice President, Storage Marketing, HPE
LUMI’s role in European scientific research, AI and analytics
LUMI will be the first and largest of the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) pre-exascale systems to bolster Europe's research and innovation. LUMI will be hosted by CSC – IT Center for Science in Kajaani, Finland, in an ideal environment of surplus green power and a bottom line of a carbon negative ecosystem. In this talk, we will walk through the technical architecture of the LUMI infrastructure as well as discuss its importance for scientific research, AI and advanced data analytics.
Pekka Manninen,
Director, LUMI Leadership Computing Facility, CSC
Dataspaces: Connecting to data you can trust
With Dataspaces, HPE is providing a collaborative service platform for data publishing, subscription, exchange, and management with data governance, security and trust to gain the best insights for your business.
Janice Zdankus,
VP, Innovation for Social Impact, HPE
The data driven future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed!
Time is constant and the same for everyone, but we are not moving in the same speed; that’s a problem, but as always a huge opportunity for some. At least for the ones up to speed! How will HPE´s strategy on EaaS, edge to core help customers to gain the speed and flexibility needed for the data driven organisation.
Peter Werdenhoff,
CTO Sweden, HPE
AI: Delivering AI at Scale and into Production
The $15.7 trillion opportunity with AI is here, but the vast majority of AI projects are failing to scale because of a lacking 'enterprise-wide' scalable AI strategy. At the same time AI Inference at the edge is taking over cloud-based AI strategies. At HPE we understand the convergence of HPC and AI and know how to deliver HPC Enabled AI at scale but also how to operationalize and scale AI at the edge as deliver massive productivity and efficiency gains and cost savings. Lets discuss about AI ... at scale.
Sorin Cheran,
PhD, VP, Fellow, Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Solutions Group, HPE
Scale vs Scalability: Getting flexibility from edge to cloud
Scalability is much more than just large scale. Change is inevitable, but a system with scalability gives you flexibility to deal with change without having to re-architect. Using real-world examples, we’ll show how HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric lets you scale up or down, run legacy applications alongside modern analytics/AI applications, seamlessly deal with hardware failures and handle geo-distributed data from edge to cloud.
Ellen Friedman,
Principal Technologist, HPE & former committer Apache Software projects


Session Title
Gilles Thiebaut,
Managing Director, SVP Global Sales for Northern Western Europe, HPE
Cloud where cloud needs to be. Hybrid Multi Cloud solutions
Listen this session about... CLOUD! One of the buzzwords in recent years. But which ones, how many and where to go with them?
Robert Christiansen,
VP Strategy, Office of the CTO, HPE
Take an industrialized approach for data and analytics
Organizations in every industry are looking to get more value from their data and analytics, but struggle with the right approach. Best-of-breed enterprises are taking an industrial approach to modernize their existing data and analytics platforms as part of digital transformation efforts. This means integrating new technologies and platforms including Open-Source, teaching the team members new skills, and updating organizational processes to take advantage of these new analytical outcomes. During this session we will describe how to apply industrialized thinking to adopt a unified analytics solution to accelerate the transformation of your organization.
Matt Maccaux,
Global Field CTO, Ezmeral, HPE
Running Kubernetes at scale on premise and from edge-to-cloud
Want to find out how you can use Kubernetes on premise and at scale? This session will show you how to do it!
Florian Bettges,
Category Manager DACH GreenLake, HPE
The bottom line strategy: Rethinking data protection to get more Cyber resilient
Ransomware attacks are growing in severity and scale while legacy backup solutions are faltering. Zerto delivers unmatched ransomware recovery RPOs and RTOs and Zerto 9 delivers new capabilities to protect and recover your data on your terms. Join this session to understand how you can:
  • Utilize Zerto's new platform capabilities, including automation and immutability to deliver ransomware resilience
  • Strengthen your ransomware recovery plans for improved SLAs and avoid costly downtime and reputation damage
  • Rebuild your approach to the 3-2-1 rule for all ransomware recovery scenarios
Egon van Dongen,
Principal Architect, Zerto, HPE
Managing Hybrid Cloud environment - Compliance, Security and Cost Control
You would think digital transformation & hybrid IT operations have to be expensive. Not to mention complicated to manage. Quite the opposite! Watch this session and let us prove you wrong!
Nick Schrock,
Category Manager DACH GreenLake, HPE
How to Deal with the Coming Upside-down Internet
Your business almost certainly doesn’t actually happen in a data center. It happens where you touch your customers or where you make things. Moving machine intelligence to that point or near it is the basic point of edge computing. But this edge computing is changing the very structure of the Internet. Computing at the edge, in the core and in the cloud in a coordinated and sensible way can’t happen with more of the same old methods. Let's dig into what is changing, and why, and how you can adapt and thrive.
Ted Dunning,
HPE Ezmeral CTO
A house on the lake - Accelerate analytics with HPE Ezmeral and Apache Spark with Delta lake
Get that house on the lake you always wanted! Well, at least get a front seat view of Lakehouse architecture utilizing Apache Spark 3 with Delta Lake support. See how your on-prem infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters and applications can be centrally managed to get Data Engineers enabled quickly. Learn more at https://www.hpe.com/ezmeral
Donald Wake,
Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE

Terry Chiang,
Data Scientist, HPE
MLOps – The Data Centric Approach to AI/ML
This session covers some of the key aspects of MLOps and data centric approach to AI/ML, one of them being high quality data throughout the ML/AI lifecycle.
Andreas Scheel,
Ezmeral Sales DACH/CERTA, HPE


Discuss data-driven business modernization with our HPE experts both at the strategic and technical level.

HPE GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud Platform
HPE GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud Platform

The cloud that comes to you — wherever your apps and data live.

Edge-to-Cloud ML Ops Solution
Edge-to-Cloud ML Ops Solution

ML and Data Engineering Platform to orchestrate apps and data across edge to core.

HPE Data Protection Solutions
HPE Data Protection Solutions

Modernize data protection and secure data from edge to cloud.

LUMI Supercomputer
LUMI Supercomputer

LUMI, one of the EuroHPC pre-exascale supercomputers and leading platforms for AI, is located in Finland. It is one of the most eco-efficient HPC facilities in the world.

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics and Ezmeral Data Fabric
HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics and Ezmeral Data Fabric

Industry’s first hybrid analytics and data lake house platform.

Edge-To-Cloud Adoption Framework
Edge-To-Cloud Adoption Framework

HPE Expertise for your edge-to-cloud transformation.

HPE Ezmeral Marketplace
HPE Ezmeral Marketplace

Explore, Learn, Engage, and Deploy with our technology partners such as Flywheel, Nvidia, Run.AI, Starburst, Weka.

HPE Developer Community
HPE Developer Community

Join us to communicate, collaborate and access the resources you need to build software-defined solutions that harness the most value from your data.

Hack Shack
HPE Dev Hack Shack

Expand your technology skills through on-demand hands-on workshops designed for developers, data scientists and ML architects.

HPE Ezmeral Runtime
HPE Ezmeral Runtime

An enterprise-grade software platform to deploy apps using 100% Kubernetes at scale wherever your data lives.

Living progress
Living progress

Achieve your business objectives in a sustainable way.

Living progress
HPE Cray AI Development Environment

Build transformative AI applications at scale.

Living progress
History of Cray Supercomputers

From the Cray-1 to HPE Cray, extending the boundaries of what’s possible.

HPE Data World 2021

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