Accelerating Next

We see a world where all your data flows between all your edges and all your clouds

Our world is shifting from large data centers to small centers of data everywhere. The explosion of built-in intelligence, hyper-connectivity and data from the edge is reshaping markets, disrupting every industry and transforming how we live and work.

In this edge-to-cloud world, the future will belong to the fast.

Join us at our HPE Discover More event to see how technology, apps and data from the Edge, to the Cloud can come together for your enterprise to redefine experiences and drive smarter, hyper-efficient operations.

We’re excited about what’s next and believe HPE is the best partner to help you accelerate what’s next for your enterprise.

Let’s embark on this transformation journey towards a better future, together.

Let’s accelerate your transformation, together!

Join us to learn more about how Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help you turn your ideas into revenue faster than ever before.

With seismic shifts taking place in IT, the future will always belong to companies that push the boundaries of what’s possible. HPE enables enterprises to accelerate innovation and time to value as well as helping you to optimize your current environments

Redefine experiences at the edge

Redefine experiences at the edge

Across smart digital stores, schools, factories and more, discover the many ways HPE can help you transform your customer and employee experiences to drive growth, productivity and efficiency.

Ignite innovation with cloud

Ignite innovation with cloud

Learn from HPE experts how to implement a successful cloud transformation strategy that’s hybrid by design to give you the choice, speed, and flexibility your enterprise needs to create, innovate and thrive.

Unlock insights from all of your data

Unlock insights from all of your data

Explore how A.I., advanced analytics and next-generation architectures can support your enterprise to create new insights, actions and experiences from all of your data, from edge to cloud.


8:30 - 9:00
9:00 - 9:10
Welcome Address
Khun Palasilp Vichivanives, Managing Director & Enterprise Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand
9:10 - 9:40
Keynote – Accelerating next
Paul Haverfield, Presales Leader & Hybrid IT CTO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, APAC
9:40 - 10:10
National Agenda on AI
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Djitt Laowattana, Founder, Advisor and Deputy Director for Industrial Services, Institute of FIeld roBOtics (FIBO)
10:10 - 10:40
Coffee Break and Booth Tour
10:40 - 11:20
Building Intelligent Data Platform and AI Data Center at HPE
Khun Surachai Atthamongkolchai, Hybrid IT Country Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand
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Your data is your competitive advantage, and you are creating more data every second. So how do digital enterprises analyze and then act on insights, at speed, with everything from curing diseases and creating smarter cities to conducting research in space? Data-intensive workloads require specialized technologies including in-memory computing such as SAP HANA, supercomputing at exascale and Hadoop for large data sets. Go deep with HPE’s data and AI experts as they share the latest learnings and insights about the tools, skills and platforms needed to harness the data deluge.

11:20 - 11:55
HPE InfoSight: AI-driven Operations for Hybrid Cloud
Khun Songphon Sangmas, Storage Sales Specialist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand
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Machine learning in the cloud - Every second, HPE InfoSight analyses and correlates millions of sensors from all of our globally deployed systems. HPE InfoSight continuously learns as it analyses this data, making every system smarter and more reliable.

11:55 - 12:15
Accelerating Business Transformation In a Data-Centric World
Adesh Gupta, Regional Director, Global Account Sales Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd
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As a global leader in data center technologies, Intel continues to drive platform innovation for next-generation capabilities required of the data era. From world-class compute platforms and accelerators to breakthrough storage and memory technologies to powerful solutions for next-generation enterprise networks, Intel innovation is at the heart of modern infrastructure that powers the world’s largest enterprises and cloud service providers. Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are the center-piece of an expansive technology portfolio that is optimized to handle every demand across your data center today as well as deliver future-ready capabilities for emergent trends that will reshape the enterprise, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC). Intel’s deep relationships and collaborative engagements with Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides you with the added assurance of predictable roadmaps and flexible solution choices in your IT transformation journey.

12:15 - 13:30
13:30 - 13:55
What’s Next Intelligent Storage
Khun Wittaya Wongvachirapanich, Storage Sales Specialist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand
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HPE Introduce new Platform and enhanced Nimble Intelligent Storage. ALL FLASH Storage is a key component for performance but complexity still create the problem and impact business. Prepare for new innovation move away from SAS to Memory-Driven Storage Class Memory, reduce risk boost uptime and simplify natively between All FLASH, Hybrid FLASH and Multi-Cloud Storage. HPE’s experts help you navigate the storage landscape to ensure your infrastructure is fast, efficient, flexible and predictive.

13:55 - 14:20
Accelerate your Transformation to Hybrid Cloud
Khun Theerapon Pumsattham, Business Development Manager, HPE Pointnext, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand
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Enterprises are not ready for the organizational change necessary to realize the benefits of cloud technology. The Cloud Adoption Program is a holistic approach, coupled with a proven framework ensures the success of your cloud or transformation program.

14:20 - 14:45
Transformation your IT Infrastructure with Confident with HyperConverged Solution
Khun Chairutthana Lowsophonkul, Software-Defined Infrastructure Product Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand
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HPE provides full range of HyperConverged for right fit your demand, simplified and reduced the complexity, help your transform and evolving IT Infrastructure with confident.

14:45 - 15:10
Extending Data Management from On-premises to the cloud with HPE and Veeam
Khun Touch Thongjurai, System Engineer
Khun Suebpong Nitichai, Channel Manager,Veeam Software

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Veeam® have partnered to deliver unique capabilities for Intelligent Data Management. Veeam’s Availability Platform for virtual, physical and cloud-enabled deployments offers an end-to-end data protection solution that changes the way organizations manage data to make it smarter, self-governing and always available. The integration of Veeam software with key HPE Storage Systems means that protected workloads are now ultra-resilient to data loss.

15:10 - 15:30
Coffee Break and Booth Tour
15:30 - 16:00
AI-Powered Mobility Innovations for the Experience Edge
Khun Prakun Laohakittikul, Country Manager, Aruba - a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
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The network at the edge is what connects people and IoT to this digital world. It is the platform for building these digital experiences and it must be secure, intelligent and always on. Aruba delivers improved and consistent solution to address growing business demands and heightened user expectations. This requires not only a state-of-the-art network, but also the ability for IT to proactively anticipate issues in an ever-changing environment before they impact users and the business.

16:00 - 16:25
Make HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity work for you
Khun Wiboon Laorstiankul, Senior Solutions Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand
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Organizations are moving to digital business – in many cases with a complete transformation that puts IT at the heart of every business, every business process. This change impacts technology, people and processes, and economics, at every stage of the journey. How IT can respond to business in this situation?

16:25 - 16:50
Building a Digital Foundation for Businesses in Thailand
Khun Sarunya Phattanachai, Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
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A successful digital business must be built on the right digital foundation: one that is flexible and secure. And that’s where VMware can help. Our interoperable cloud, mobility, networking, and security solutions form a flexible, secure digital foundation. This foundation allows organizations to quickly respond to new opportunities and threats and deliver any app, to any device, on any cloud. It lets organizations experiment with new apps, and new experiences.

16:50 - 17:15
Wrap up & Closing

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  • Palasilp Vichivanives
    Palasilp Vichivanives Managing Director & Enterprise Leader Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand Read more
    Paul Haverfield
    Paul Haverfield Presales Leader & Hybrid IT CTO Hewlett Packard Enterprise APAC Read more
    Dr.Djitt Founder, Advisor and Deputy Director, Industrial Services Institute of FIeld roBOtics (FIBO) Read more
    Surachai Atthamongkolchai
    Surachai Atthamongkolchai Hybrid IT Country Manager Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand Read more
    Wittaya Wongwachirapanich
    Wittaya Wongwachirapanich Storage Sales Specialist Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Chairutthana Lowsophonkul
    Chairutthana Lowsophonkul Software-defined Infrastructure Products Manager Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand Read more
  • Prakun Laohakittikul
    Prakun Laohakittikul Country Manager Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand Read more
    Songphon Sangmas
    Songphon Sangmas Storage Sales Specialist Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand Read more
    Wiboon Laorstiankul
    Wiboon Laorstiankul Senior Solution Architect, Pointnext Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand Read more
    Adesh Gupta
    Adesh Gupta Global Account Sales Director Intel Technology Asia Pte Read more
    Theerapon Pumsattham
    Theerapon Pumsattham Business Development Manager, HPE Pointnext Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thailand Read more

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