Accelerating Next

We see a world where all your data flows between all your edges and all your clouds

The explosion of built-in intelligence, hyper-connectivity and data from the edge is reshaping markets, disrupting every industry and transforming how we live and work.

In this edge-to-cloud world, the future will belong to the fast.

Join us at our HPE Discover More event to see how technology, apps and data from the Edge, to the Cloud can come together for your enterprise to redefine experiences and drive smarter, hyper-efficient operations.

Let’s accelerate your transformation together!

Join us at HPE Discover More to explore how to get the most out of a digital world.

We hope to see you there!

Redefine the experience at the end

Redefine the experience at the end

Discover the multiple ways in which HPE can help you transform the experience of your customers and employees to boost growth, productivity and efficiency.

Drive innovation with the hybrid cloud

Drive innovation with the hybrid cloud

Learn from the HPE experts how to successfully implement a hybrid cloud transformation strategy that gives you the flexibility and speed your company needs to create, innovate and grow.

Unleash the full potential of your data

Unleash the full potential of your data

Discover how artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and the next generation of architectures can help your business create new knowledge, actions and experiences with all your data, from the end to the cloud.


8:45 - 9:15
9:15 - 9:25
Opening video and Welcome Address
Gabriel Leung, Managing Director Hong Kong & Macau, HPE
9:25 - 9:50
Opening Keynote - Accelerating Next

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Our hyper-connected, data-driven world is rapidly creating new ways to redefine experiences, drive smarter operations and accelerate innovation. The explosion of data and built-in intelligence from the edge is reshaping markets and disrupting every industry.

In today’s edge-to-cloud world, the future belongs to the fast. Success depends on how quickly you can utilize all of the data created across your many edges and clouds to turn your data into insight and value.

9:50 - 10:15
Accelerating performance: A champion to Venturi Formula E Team in HK E-Prix 2019 with HPE
Damian Griffith, CMO, Venturi team

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In this session, Damian Griffith from Venturi Formula E Team will highlight how the Team’s Innovation Partnership with HPE helps to address key business challenges on and off the track.

10:15 - 10:45
A new gold rush: AI, Blockchain and IoT working together to uncover the ultimate in riches, real-time intelligence
Dr Eng Lim Goh, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, High Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence, HPE

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Today, machines are trained at the core and the results sent to the edge for prediction and action. However, with so much data stranded, due to privacy, regulations, or sheer volume and velocity, getting consistently accurate predictions is elusive. But what if we could remove these barriers with AI, IoT and blockchain to train these machines anywhere, where the data sources are, including at the edge. Hear how the next wave of Machine Intelligence is uncovering value in data like never before to solve some of the world’s most significant challenges. This will be explained in a way for all to understand.

10:45 - 11:05
Refreshment Break and Networking in the showcase Area
11:05 - 11:40
Digital Transformation: 5G and Smart City
11:40 - 12:05
The Intelligent Edge is here

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Redefine experiences at the edge. Transform your customer interactions, your workplace and your operations to drive more meaningful engagement, growth and efficiency.

12:05 - 12:30
Transform your business with the Intelligent Data Platform
KC Fung, Chief Technology Advisor Hong Kong & Macau, HPE

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Intelligence changes everything. Data is at the heart of everything you do, and an intelligent data strategy powered by global intelligence can unlock your data’s potential and help you transform your business. Learn how HPE’s Intelligent Data Platform accelerates your applications, helps you embrace hybrid cloud, enables data scientists to build a better world with data and simplifies everything. Hear customer examples how to help propel your businesses forward, and be one of the first to see how HPE is advancing the Intelligent Data Platform

12:30 - 13:30
Lunch and Networking in the showcase area
Track A
Track B
13:30 - 13:55
Accelerate your transformation to hybrid cloud

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Discover how to implement a cloud strategy that’s hybrid by design, providing choice, speed, and the flexibility your enterprise needs to create, innovate and delight.

Enabling your Hybrid IT journey for the next generation software-defined data center

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To best leverage emerging technologies and their rapid expansion into human activities, IT needs to reinvent addressing business needs. Digital transformation requires a shift of focus inclusive of core and edge of the enterprise and more agile data centres to support that edge.

Understand more on shedding legacy technology that may be costly for the enterprise to maintain and migrating to agile hybrid IT.

13:55 - 14:20
Sponsor session
Empower Your Workforce and Fuel Business With IT Insights
14:20 - 14:45
Preparing your next wave of digital business with Hybrid IT

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We are facing an exponential growth of data, devices and applications. You need to rethink how you can deliver on your digital business initiatives that will drive new opportunities and revenue. Our mission is to help you accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud. Hear about HPE’s latest technologies that can help you build composable clouds that are highly efficient and automated, while giving you the freedom of choice and delivered as a service.

Sponsor session
14:45 - 15:05
Refreshment Break and Networking in the showcase Area
15:05 - 15:30
Sponsor session
Security Strategy and InfoSight for Servers
15:30 - 15:55
Digital Transformation in FSI – Financial Services 3¾
Sponsor session
15:55 - 16:20
Consumption Changes Everything: HPE GreenLake

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Discover how HPE's consumption offers will help you to accelerate your Hybrid Cloud journey and unleach your business by being able to implement faster, pay for what you use and keep the proper control of your workloads.

Accelerate your innovation and time to market by focusing your ressources on added value task and offload the rest with one partner to optimize, operate, and support the full stack

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16:20 - 16:30
Lucky draw
16:30 - 16:50
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  • Eng Lim Goh, PhD
    Dr. Eng Lim Goh Vice President, Chief Technology Officer High Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Dr. Gabriel Shing-Koon Leung
    Dr. Gabriel Shing-Koon Leung Managing Director Hong Kong and Macau
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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    KC Fung
    KC Fung Chief Technology Advisor Hong Kong & Macau Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more

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