Accelerating Next

We see a world where all your data flows between all your edges and all your clouds

Our world is shifting from large data centers to small centers of data everywhere. The explosion of built-in intelligence, hyper-connectivity and data from the edge is reshaping markets, disrupting every industry and transforming how we live and work.

In this edge-to-cloud world, the future will belong to the fast.

Join us at our HPE Discover More event to see how technology, apps and data from the Edge, to the Cloud can come together for your enterprise to redefine experiences and drive smarter, hyper-efficient operations.

We’re excited about what’s next and believe HPE is the best partner to help you accelerate what’s next for your enterprise.

Let’s embark on this journey towards a better future, together.

Highlights 2019

Discover More - Munich - Keynote: Antonio Neri

Discover More - Munich - Keynote Dr. Goh

Discover More - Munich - Sponsor Keynote Intel

Discover More - Munich - Keynote Matt Harris, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport


Breakout Sessions

  • Accelerate your Transformation to Hybrid Cloud - Presentation / Video
  • Data Pipeline - Optimizing Insights - Presentation / Video
  • “To the Cloud… and Beyond“ – A New Experience in the Intelligent Edge - Presentation / Video
  • Dynamic to Persistent: Intel® Optane™ DC persistent Memory and the Emerging Revolution take Shape within the Memory and Storage - Video
  • Running Cloud the right way: HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud powered by HPE GreenLake Central - Presentation / Video
  • Accelerate Everything with the Intelligent Data Platform - Presentation / Video
  • Take the Fast Lane to Building a Secure and Scalable Hybrid Cloud with HPE Synergy and VMware Cloud Foundation - Presentation / Video
  • Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease with Memory-Driven Computing on an Edge-to-Cloud Service Mesh gets us Closer to Finding a Cure - Presentation / Video
  • I OEM! Do you OEM? - Presentation / Video
  • Boost your Guest and Live Experience with HPE’s Unified Intelligent Venue-as-a-Service Platform - Presentation / Video
  • HPE InfoSight: Artificial Intelligence for your Hybrid Cloud Environment - Presentation / Video
  • The Intelligent Edge is Here - Presentation / Video
  • My Personal IoT and Edge Journey: From Principles to Products to Profits - Presentation / Video
  • Finding your right-mix of hybrid IT with the HPE Right Mix Advisory services - Presentation / Video
  • HPE Primera Mission Critical Storage - Presentation / Video
  • HPE Edgeline OT Link Software for Simple and Secure Deployments of Converged OT and IT - Presentation / Video
  • How to extend your possibilities without extending you Datacenter with HPEs HCI Solution SimpliVity - Presentation / Video
  • Accelerate Business Innovation with distributed AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics on Containers using BlueData - Presentation
  • Transformation of SAP Databases Running on Mainframe and PowerSystem to SAP HANA based on x86 - Video

Demo Theater Sessions

  • 5G Edge Orchestration - Presentation / Video
  • The digital gold rush - Presentation
  • Software Defined Storage - What’s Next? - Video
  • Rheinmetall Security Appliance RhSA – Zero-Trust Enterprise LAN/WAN Security Solution - Video
  • Scaling Industry 4.0 to Global with Microsoft Azure IoT, Intel and HPE - Presentation / Video
  • Developing Complex AI Architectures for the Future: Lessons learned from Data Platform Projects - Presentation
  • Hybrid Cloud Management and DevOps Automation with HPE plus Morpheus Data - Presentation / Video
  • Paradigmenwechsel - wie man Mitarbeiter auf anstehende Veränderungen vorbereitet - Presentation / Video
  • IT ECONOMICS - Presentation / Video
  • Imagine if Compute and Storage Workloads could grow at their own Pace, but with the Simplicity of a Hyperconverged system. This is now possible with Nimble dHCI - Presentation / Video
  • Connecting People, Places, and Things in a Digitized World - Presentation
  • How ML-based Video Analytics Drives the Performance of Assembly Lines - Presentation
  • StudyLab – Driving Business Relevant Innovation with Employees - Presentation / Video
  • How Simple Management helps to address the Skill Shortage in IT Departments and Enables Business - Presentation / Video
  • Smarter Solutions for Experience-Driven Networking - Presentation
  • Intelligent Workplace Experience and Client Virtualisation with HPE Moonshot - Presentation / Video
  • HPE GreenLake delivers IT Consumption for your Top Workloads as a Service - Presentation
  • Radically Simplify Operations with Powerful Predictive Analytics - Presentation / Video
  • Das Ende der Kreidezeit - Presentation
  • Protecting the Frontlines of Cybersecurity from Nanoscale to Enterprise-Scale - Presentation / Video
  • Improve Business and Sustainability Results with HPEFS Circular Economy - Presentation
  • Superpower for your Infrastructure Automation with HPE OneView APIs and Software Integration - Presentation / Video
  • 360° of Analytics-Driven Visibility - Presentation
  • Unlocking the True Potential of your Data with No Limits - Video
  • How to increase IT Productivity and make IT easier - Presentation
  • Your On-Premise Cloud-Like Experience - Presentation / Video
  • BMW Group High Performance D3 Platform - Video
  • HPE + Cray undisputed global leader in HPC and AI deliver IT as a Service - Presentation
  • Accelerate Business Innovation with AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics using BlueData - Presentation / Video
  • HPE is your Vendor of Choice and Provides the Perfect Infrastructure to Power any Container Solutions - Presentation
  • Medical Imaging aus der Cloud, die fortschreitende Digitalisierung in der Medizin - Video
  • Unified Analytics from Edge to Cloud with HPE MapR - Presentation
  • “Smart Data Platform” to host Smart City Use Cases - Presentation
  • Digital Workplace in the Office of the Future Increase Efficiency - Presentation / Video
  • Your Fastlane to the Hybrid Cloud - with Vmware Cloud Foundation on HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure - Presentation / Video
  • Self-Guided Exhibition Guide - Presentation
  • Swarm Learning – Turn Your Distributed Data into Competitive Edge - Presentation
  • Management of Change - From Traditional to Agile - IT Organization Change - Presentation / Video
  • Data Mobility Everywhere with Integrated Data Protection Technologies - Video
  • What is Red Hat Ansible and why should you care? - Video
  • Aveva, Schneider Electric & HPE – Driving IT & OT Convergence for Industry - Video
  • Your On-Premise Cloud-Like Experience - Simplify and Automate Compute, SDS, HCI and Software-Defined Network Fabric - Presentation / Video
  • Scale-as-you-grow Hybrid Cloud Solutions with HPE Greenlake VDI Lighthouse and Citrix - Video
  • What Data can do: Production Automation Next Level - Video
  • An introduction to HPE GreenLake Central – Your Self-Service Portal for Hybrid Cloud - Presentation / Video
  • AI-Powered Storage that provides a Tier-1 All-Flash Foundation for your Mission-Critical Workloads - Presentation / Video
  • Intel Optane DC Solid State Drive (SSD) - Video

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Let’s accelerate your transformation, together!

Join us to learn more about how Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help you turn your ideas into revenue faster than ever before.

With seismic shifts taking place in IT, the future will always belong to companies that push the boundaries of what’s possible. HPE enables enterprises to accelerate innovation and time to value as well as helping you to optimise your current environments.

Redefine experiences at the edge

Redefine experiences at the edge

Across smart digital stores, schools, factories and more, discover the many ways HPE can help you transform your customer and employee experiences to drive growth, productivity and efficiency.

Ignite innovation with cloud

Ignite innovation with cloud

Learn from HPE experts how to implement a successful cloud transformation strategy that’s hybrid by design to give you the choice, speed, and flexibility your enterprise needs to create, innovate and thrive.

Unlock insights from all of your data

Unlock insights from all of your data

Explore how A.I., advanced analytics and next-generation architectures can support your enterprise to create new insights, actions and experiences from all of your data, from edge to cloud.


  • Antonio Neri
    Antonio Neri President & CEO Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Johannes Koch
    Johannes Koch SVP Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Kirk Bresniker
    Kirk Bresniker Chief Architect Hewlett Packard Enterprise Labs Read more
    Eng Lim Goh, PhD
    Dr. Eng Lim Goh SVP and CTO AI Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Tom Bradicich
    Dr. Tom Bradicich VP, Hewlett Packard Fellow, and Global Head of Edge and IoT Labs & CoE Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Jim Jackson
    Jim Jackson Chief Marketing Officer Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
  • Rochna Dhand
    Rochna Dhand InfoSight Product Marketing Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Thomas Goepel
    Thomas Goepel Chief Technologist HCI Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Krista Satterthwaite
    Krista Satterthwaite VP and GM, HPE Synergy and BladeSystem Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Ricky Field
    Ricky Field WW Sales Director, Composable Fabric Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Elizabeth Joyce
    Elizabeth Joyce SVP CISO Global Cyber Security
    Ayman Abouelwafa
    Ayman Abouelwafa CTO HPESD 3PAR & Primera Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Chris Wellise
    Chris Wellise Chief Sustainability Officer HPE Corporate Affairs Read More
  • Accelerating Competition

    Accelerate your customers hybrid strategy with the right mix of Hybrid Cloud

    Accelerating competition.jpg
  • Accelerating Manufacturing

    Accelerate the transition to consumption-based delivery models

    Accelerating manufacturing
  • Hybrid Cloud Augmented Reality

    No matter what you sell, your business is speed. Iterate and innovate faster when you find and fund your right mix of Hybrid Cloud.

    Hybrid Cloud Augmented Reality
  • HPE GreenLake

    Learn about new capabilities, designed specifically for mid-sized businesses.

    HPE GreenLake
  • Advisory and Transformation

    You don’t have to have experts in everything. Take a strategic approach to designing your digital transformation.

    Advisory and Transformation

Sessions content

Learn more about 21 more breakout sessions from HPE and its partners soon. Join our Hybrid Cloud, Data & AI and Edge experts for first-hand information on innovative products, solutions and services.

In the five demo theatres, of our exhibition on two levels, you will learn everything about numerous technology and industry projects, customer examples, product and solution innovations as well as service offerings in more than 60 further sessions. Most of these you will also be able to experience in the exhibition itself and in-depth discussions with our experts.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover More Munich General Session

We are creating a world where everything computes -- where everyone and everything will be connected, powered by intelligence and informed by data. In this world, successful enterprises will invent, reinvent and drive new outcomes at warp speed and hyper-efficiency. At Tuesday’s General Session, hear from Hewlett Packard Enterprise President and Chief Executive Officer, Antonio Neri and his co-speakers, to explore how to best transform your technology, people and economics in order to connect all of your data, all of your edges and all of your clouds, everywhere.

The Intelligent Edge is here

The Intelligent Edge intersects people, places, things and their data. Data that can be transformed into insights that digitally redefine experiences and create new efficiencies. At HPE Discover More, we highlight how these new experiences and efficiencies enable citizens, customers, employees, and growth. In the presentation, HPE lays out the elements of the Intelligent Edge, and how it helps you digitally redefine your world.

Accelerate your transformation to hybrid cloud

Everyone’s on a transformation journey – the key is driving speed in today’s hybrid reality. We live in a hyper-connected world where everyone and increasingly everything is generating and sharing data, creating new value and driving a new speed of business. Hybrid cloud success stems from a strategy spanning technology, people, and economics. We will share how we can help you identify the right mix of clouds for your apps and workloads, adopt new IT consumption models, better manage your clouds, and modernize your infrastructure for cloud experiences on- and off-premises.

Accelerate Everything with the Intelligent Data Platform

The Intelligence Era is giving birth to the Intelligent Enterprise. An enterprise that is Always-On, Always Fast, Always Agile, and Built for Innovation. With data at the heart of everything you do, you need to unlock all the value out of your data. Our Intelligent Data Platform is built upon workload-optimized systems for hybrid cloud and underpinned by HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure. Join us to see how we recently advanced the Intelligent Data Platform in a big way – with HPE Primera, HPE SimpliVity, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HPE Hybrid Cloud for Google Cloud’s Anthos and, with HPE BlueData.


Join us in Munich

International Congress Center München
Messegelände, 81823 München

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Munich December 3-4, 2019

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