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We see a world where all your data flows between all your edges and all your clouds

Our world is shifting from large data centers to small centers of data everywhere. The explosion of built-in intelligence, hyper-connectivity and data from the edge is reshaping markets, disrupting every industry and transforming how we live and work.

In this edge-to-cloud world, the future will belong to the fast.

Join us at our HPE Discover More event to see how technology, apps and data from the Edge, to the Cloud can come together for your enterprise to redefine experiences and drive smarter, hyper-efficient operations.

We’re excited about what’s next and believe HPE is the best partner to help you accelerate what’s next for your enterprise.

Let’s embark on this journey towards a better future, together.

Highlights 2019


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Four powerful reasons for you to attend

This event will be specifically tailored for our region Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia with our customers and partners in focus – more than ever before.

Two action-packed days that will inspire and give you the tools to move your business forward.

From the latest in edge-to-cloud, AI and security innovations, experience live demos, thought-provoking sessions, networking opportunities and expert breakouts that will help you transform your digital journey – all while having some fun too.


Connect with executives and experts from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel and numerous event partners, engage with a variety of sessions and learn about the newest innovations in the industry.


Collaborate with your peers, gain insight from industry leaders and discuss how you can accelerate opportunities to outperform the competition.


Take advantage of an extensive agenda and a great two-level exhibition with insightful demos to stimulate innovation and acquire best practice knowledge to advance your career and your business.


Join the HPE Discover More Munich on Tuesday, December 3 for a typical Bavarian evening with amazing food and beverages and great music.

Let’s accelerate your transformation, together!

Join us to learn more about how Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help you turn your ideas into revenue faster than ever before.

With seismic shifts taking place in IT, the future will always belong to companies that push the boundaries of what’s possible. HPE enables enterprises to accelerate innovation and time to value as well as helping you to optimise your current environments.

Redefine experiences at the edge

Redefine experiences at the edge

Across smart digital stores, schools, factories and more, discover the many ways HPE can help you transform your customer and employee experiences to drive growth, productivity and efficiency.

Ignite innovation with cloud

Ignite innovation with cloud

Learn from HPE experts how to implement a successful cloud transformation strategy that’s hybrid by design to give you the choice, speed, and flexibility your enterprise needs to create, innovate and thrive.

Unlock insights from all of your data

Unlock insights from all of your data

Explore how A.I., advanced analytics and next-generation architectures can support your enterprise to create new insights, actions and experiences from all of your data, from edge to cloud.


  • Antonio Neri
    Antonio Neri President & CEO Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Johannes Koch
    Johannes Koch SVP Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Kirk Bresniker
    Kirk Bresniker Chief Architect Hewlett Packard Enterprise Labs Read more
    Eng Lim Goh, PhD
    Dr. Eng Lim Goh SVP and CTO AI Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Tom Bradicich
    Dr. Tom Bradicich VP, Hewlett Packard Fellow, and Global Head of Edge and IoT Labs & CoE Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Jim Jackson
    Jim Jackson Chief Marketing Officer Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
  • Rochna Dhand
    Rochna Dhand InfoSight Product Marketing Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Thomas Goepel
    Thomas Goepel Chief Technologist HCI Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Krista Satterthwaite
    Krista Satterthwaite VP and GM, HPE Synergy and BladeSystem Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Ricky Field
    Ricky Field WW Sales Director, Composable Fabric Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read more
    Elizabeth Joyce
    Elizabeth Joyce SVP CISO Global Cyber Security
    Ayman Abouelwafa
    Ayman Abouelwafa CTO HPESD 3PAR & Primera Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Chris Wellise
    Chris Wellise Chief Sustainability Officer HPE Corporate Affairs Read More
  • Accelerating Competition

    Accelerate your customers hybrid strategy with the right mix of Hybrid Cloud

    Accelerating competition.jpg
  • Accelerating Manufacturing

    Accelerate the transition to consumption-based delivery models

    Accelerating manufacturing
  • Hybrid Cloud Augmented Reality

    No matter what you sell, your business is speed. Iterate and innovate faster when you find and fund your right mix of Hybrid Cloud.

    Hybrid Cloud Augmented Reality
  • HPE GreenLake

    Learn about new capabilities, designed specifically for mid-sized businesses.

    HPE GreenLake
  • Advisory and Transformation

    You don’t have to have experts in everything. Take a strategic approach to designing your digital transformation.

    Advisory and Transformation


December, 3 December, 4
9:00 - 13:00
Arrival, Registration, Refreshments & Lunch
Exhibition including Demo Theater Sessions A-E
9:30 - 9:50
Demo Theater Sessions A-E
A - Drowning in data? How to maximize Value of Data through Tiering and Storing in a TCO friendly Manner by Modernizing your Legacy Data Infrastructure
Jordan Rodgers, Intel
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In today’s increasingly data driven world, enterprises are finding themselves drowning in data. The end goal, creating new revenue streams from their unique business data. To achieve this, there are foundational aspects to consider: How to maximize value of data through tiering and storing in a TCO friendly manner.

Modernization of legacy data infrastructure. In this session you will learn about Intel’s own IT transformation, our new data centric product portfolio and trends in the European market.

B - 5G Edge Orchestration
Uwe Pecis, HPE
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5In 5G the edge is taking a center role when it comes to IoT or Industrie 4.0. Numerous use case are possible with indoor 5G deployments. The edge takes here the center role in managing with low latency and high bandwidth whatever happens on the shop floor. But this needs to be orchestrated across multiple edges. With the possibility to do network licing in 5G depending on the use case this become an even more challenging requirement. Using HPE Service Director as orchestration engine will show how to manage these challenges.

C - The Digital Gold Rush - a Blockchain-based Marketplace for all Industries
Bastian Gehring, HPE
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Data seems to be the new gold, however as long as data is only seen as a byproduct of business applications and machines, data rather resembles silver. The true value of data is unlocked when the most relevant data points are being combined for the purpose of creating the optimal business outcome. Those data points do not always reside within the company’s own four walls, they often come from customers while consuming services, partners or even competitors. Therefore, firms need to take a competitive attitude towards trading relevant data points, in order to introduce differential digital services. Join the session to get in introduction to data markets, their characteristics, opportunities in the automotive industry, as well as an outlook to complementarities in other markets.

D - Software Defined Storage - What’s Next?
Thomas Meier, HPE
Katja Zurkirchen, HPE
Peter Buschmann, HPE

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Learn how HPE collaborates with startups and innovative software vendors, focusing on emerging technologies. Best-in-class third party software completes the HPE portfolio and extends the HPE Storage and Server ecosystems.

E - Virtuelle Führung durch die Ausstellung
Achim Binninger, HPE
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Eine virtuelle Standführung für Public Kunden, um ihnen einen Überblick zu geben.

10:00 – 10:20
Demo Theater Sessions A-E
A - Rheinmetall Security Appliance RhSA – Zero-Trust Enterprise LAN/WAN Security Solution
Ulf Schröter, Rheinmetall
B - Scaling Industry 4.0 to Global with Microsoft Azure IoT, Intel and HPE
Florian Doerr, HPE
Axel Dittmann, Microsoft

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Do you plan to or already started your first IoT pilot projects with Microsoft Azure IoT? Microsoft, Intel and HPE now offer an Industrial IoT solution architecture to start fast and scale to global. Based on industry best practices, this approach addresses IT and OT challenges and enables a scalable IT/OT operation model.

C - Developing Complex AI Architectures for the Future: Lessons learned from Data Platform Projects
Andy Longworth, HPE
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AI is complex, but combining AI with infrastructure, automation and operations is the real challenge. HPE Pointnext Services present their best practices and solutions to guide you on your data value journey.

D - Hybrid Cloud Management and DevOps Automation with HPE plus Morpheus Data
Dirk Derichsweiler, HPE
Brad Parks, Morpheus

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Imagine having a cost-optimized self-service cloud experience on-premises while also standardizing and governing how teams provision into any public cloud.

Building on HPE’s Composable and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, the Morpheus Cloud Management Platform does just that. Morpheus integrates out-of-the box with the tools you already have and enables frictionless provisioning into VMware, Nutanix, AWS, Azure, and even bare-metal clouds using HPE OneView.

Learn how leading enterprises globally are working with HPE and Morpheus to accelerate digital transformation and why Gartner named Morpheus a Leader in multi-cloud management.”

E - Paradigmenwechsel - wie man Mitarbeiter auf anstehende Veränderungen vorbereitet
Daniel Frommel, HPE
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Die digitale Transformation wirft ihre Schatten voraus und verschont dabei kein Unternehmen bzw. keine öffentliche Einrichtung. Dieser Vortrag soll Methoden aufzeigen, mit denen die betroffenen Menschen auf die anstehende Veränderung vorbereitet werden können.

10:30 – 10:50
Demo Theater Sessions A-E
A - Unleash the Power of Hybrid Cloud with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Google Cloud
Chanuka Vitanachy, Googl
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As you modernize applications using container-based architectures on-premises or in the cloud, achieving greater agility and innovation, and a common, consistent experience with less complexity is key. Learn how you can transform to a hybrid cloud environment by leveraging cloud-native services through Google Cloud’s Anthos to accelerate and unify your container-based CI/CD pipeline. Hear first-hand the choices you have available around consumption, technologies and use cases enabled to empower your organization to thrive in the hybrid cloud.

B - Automation to Autonomy - How closed Loop Manufacturing Enable New Hights
Matthias Roese, HPE
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Today manufacturing environments are highly automated. Tayloristic approaches gained automation but are difficult in terms of flexibility. Learn how Closed Loop Manufacturing will unlock value through integrated processing.

Axel Sidki, HPE
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The digital transformation is caused by its diverse application possibilities and requirements and the simultaneous scarcity of resources innovative IT investment strategies. The session provides insights into the implementation of the right financial strategy for efficiency, innovation and the necessary agility. This minimizes risk and improves business results.

D - Imagine if Compute and Storage Workloads could grow at their own Pace, but with the Simplicity of a Hyperconverged system. This is now possible with Nimble dHCI.
Gokul Sathiacama, HPE
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Managing infrastructure for VMware can be all consuming - but not anymore. Introducing the industry’s first VM-aware, intelligent cloud stack designed to simplify VMware environments. Learn the quick, easy way to deploy, manage and grow infrastructure from within vCenter. Experience predictive self-healing and prescriptive resource optimization via built-in analytics, powered by HPE InfoSight. Get briefed on architectural advantages, like the ability to grow without costly overprovisioning through independent scaling of compute and storage.

E - Connecting People, Places, and Things in a Digitized World
Andreas Hausmann, Aruba
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At the age of digitization end-user mobility will join IoT for enterprises and public institutions to improve efficiency, personalization, and productivity. Location-based services bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds and engaging employees and customers in new ways. Aruba´s location-ready infrastructure enables wayfinding capabilities, proximity campaigns, asset tracking, and location analytics. Whether you’re a retailer, hotel, hospital, school or large public venue, we offer a better way to give customers, clients, citizens, students and other visitors secure access to wireless and wired networks. If you think, public or private Wi-Fi is already enough please take the opportunity to learn more about the magic of Bluetooth to build services on your Wi-Fi infrastructure. And don´t forget to include door-locking systems or light control using Zigbee. Did we mention digital signage? Another inspiring aspect of our networking solution.

11:00 – 11:20
Demo Theater Sessions A-E
A - Die Welt von oben: Gestochen scharf Digital Transformiert – Qumulo und Vexcel Live on Stage!
Christian Lackner, Vexcel Imaging
Ingmar Löke, Qumulo

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Für die internationale Expansion des Vexcel Data Programs 2019 konzipierte Qumulo gemeinsam mit HPE für Vexcel eine leistungsstarke, verlässliche und hochskalierbare IT-Infrastruktur für speicherintensive Anwendungen für Big Data Analysen. Das Resultat ist ein Gesamtsystem, das Vexcel genau die richtige Balance zwischen Leistung, Kapazität und Sicherheit verspricht.

B - How ML-based Video Analytics Drives the Performance of Assembly Lines
Norbert Reil, HPE
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Manufacturers increase the number of product variants or offer uniquely configured products to serve individual customer needs. The increasing complexity in the manufacturing process for “batch-size one” requires an extremely agile automation. Machine-learning based video quality assurance, delivered by HPE Pointnext addressed these needs in the QA process area.

C - StudyLab – Driving Business Relevant Innovation with Employees
Katarina Saric, HPE
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The aim of the StudyLab presentation at Discover is to increase and “inspire” awareness of employee-driven innovation among our customers/partners and at the same time to position HPE as an innovative company and to present our customers/partners with a new way of working with HPE in the form of joint PoCs, really as technology partners, using the example of Continental Trendantenna.

D - How Simple Management helps to address the Skill Shortage in IT Departments and Enables Business
Thomas Goepel, HPE
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In many companies and public authorities the demands placed on IT are increasing from year to year. However, budgets and employees are not growing at the same rate. Learn from HPEs WW Chief Technologist for Hyperconverged Infrastructures, how customers master the balancing act and how they made a real contribution to the business success.

E - Smarter Solutions for Experience-Driven Networking
Andreas Hausmann, Aruba
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Discover the new Access Switching platform Aruba OS-CX and Dynamic Segmentation.

Still working on VLANs and access lists? Why not discovering secure and simplified access for users and IoT using dynamic segmentation?

Aruba’s database-driven operating system is built to automate and simplify IT operations. ArubaOS-CX delivers unparalleled visibility and analytics with full programmability to enable network assurance.

Aruba’s Network Analytics Engine (NAE) offers unprecedented visibility into anomalies and outages, with diagnostics and data collection for rapid resolution.

Aruba NetEdit empowers IT teams to orchestrate switch configuration changes using intelligent capabilities, including search, edit, validation, deployment and audit, enabling IT teams to smoothly and safely coordinate end-to-end service rollouts.

11:30 – 11:50
Demo Theater Sessions A-E
A - Intelligent Workplace Experience and Client Virtualisation with HPE Moonshot
Uwe Welzel, HPE
Alfred Pargfrieder, HPE

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Let the expertise and experience of HPE Pointnext help you rapidly design, build, deploy and maintain not only your VDI solution with our ‘VDI Quick Start’ service, but also help you plan your whole digital workplace strategy, based on HPE Moonshot technology including Citrix Intelligent Workspace, Microsoft 365 & Windows 10 and a whole suite of On-Premise and Cloud productivity solutions. HPE Moonshot is the most dense, most power and cost efficient VDI platform in the industry.

What if you could have on-premise VDI but with the economics and service benefits of the cloud? The HPE GreenLake Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI) Lighthouse Program is a new turnkey solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise which offers organizations planning to refresh their VDI environments with a unique as-aservice option to keep their workloads on-premises, scale simply and pay per- user, per-month.

B - Industrial IoT powered by AI will increase Efficiency in Manufacturing
Thorsten Milsmann, HPE
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In this session we like to explain how AI can help to increase efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. Connectivity, Industry 4.0 standards or (in short) IIoT as prerequisite to connect machines and tools will allow new use cases on a factory floor level. HPE can provide services, connectivity, storage, compute at the edge. From entry level ruggedized devices to massive compute stacks in production plant environments towards the hybrid cloud. Paired with the ability to control the IT equipment and management of the data flow as well as AI enabled tools and platforms.

C - HPE GreenLake delivers IT Consumption for your Top Workloads as a Service
Ralf Kiwitzki, HPE
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Consumption-based IT is no longer an emerging trend, it is here as your competitive advantage. IDC predicts that by 2020, consumption-based procurement in data centers will account for as much as 40% of enterprises’ IT infrastructure spending. In this session, learn how to create IT flexibility working with your HPE partner. See how HPE GreenLake can benefit your business and deliver the performance you need.

D - Radically Simplify Operations with Powerful Predictive Analytics. Deploy Workloads on Flash Arrays, Converged Infrastructure and Public Cloud with HPE Nimble.
Andreas Brasch, HPE
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Only HPE Nimble Storage delivers the Nimble experience and 99.9999% availability, guaranteed. Come by and see how easy and simple you can deploy synchronous replication with transparent failover for greater application availability with new Peer Persistence. Learn how Nimble Multi Cloud Flash Fabric automates workload migration and scalability across clustered Nimble All-Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays, and HPE Cloud Volumes to right size performance and cost. And be sure to chat with our experts who are happy to perform many demos on demand.

E - Das Ende der Kreidezeit
Elisabeth Berg, Aruba
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Das digitale Klassenzimmer der nächsten Generation, in dem Sie kritische Lernanwendungen priorisieren und gleichzeitig unsichere Inhalte blockieren können. Übernehmen Sie einfach die Kontrolle, damit Benutzer Geräte sicher verbinden können, ohne die Sicherheit zu beeinträchtigen, einschließlich sicherem WLAN-Gastzugang und Berechtigung der Schülergeräte.

12:00 – 12:20
Demo Theater Sessions A-E
A - Protecting the Frontlines of Cybersecurity from Nanoscale to Enterprise-Scale
Nigel Edwards, HPE
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Today’s security battles are asymmetric and evolving. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cyber security crime will cost the world economy an estimated six trillion dollars by 2021. Resolving the problem requires building defenses against new vulnerabilities. At Hewlett Packard Labs, our researchers focus on developing future technologies to extend silicon root of trust up the stack, automate infrastructure security, and make every component trustworthy at all times. Join us for a session that explores security innovations from Labs.

B - Advanced IOT with 5G Edge: Get Insights in a Pioneering Topic
Andreas Volk, HPE
Thomas Weber, DTAG

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T-Systems and HPE outline how Edge-Compute technology and Cloud Offerings will come together to accelerate the full scale and potential of IOT.

Learn about how this can be delivered as a service offering tailored to your requirements.

5G is the Technology that will enable the full potential of IoT and connect the various technologies at the Edge to provide RealTime Capabilities.

T-Systems and HPE outline how Edge-Compute technology and Cloud Offerings will come together to accelerate the full scale and potential of IOT.

Learn about how this can be delivered as a service offering tailored to your requirements.

C - Improve Business and Sustainability Results with HPEFS Circular Economy
Axel Sidki, HPE
Chris Wellise, HPE

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Every year, the progress in IT causes 50 million tons of “e-waste”. With HPE Financial Services’ Circular Economy approach, you can not only support your company’s sustainability efforts, but also benefit financially. The key to our approach is to keep IT assets in the business cycle for as long as possible. How this happens and what added value this can mean for your company will be shown in this presentation.

D - Superpower for your Infrastructure Automation with HPE OneView APIs and Software Integration
Dirk Derichsweiler, HPE
Stephan Koch, HPE

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Understand how HPE OneView helps you automate your IT infrastructure and easily integrates in any automation, monitoring and workflow tool. Be amazed how easy it is to work with HPE OneView and to increase efficiency with seamless integration in your management toolset.

E - 360° of Analytics-Driven Visibility, Detection, Control and Response
Axel Simon, Aruba
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The network security game has changed. IT teams today need security that includes deeper visibility, automated controls and AI-powered insights in an integrated framework.

From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations are more exposed to attacks than ever before. With Aruba ClearPass, you get agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access control for seamless security enforcement and response across your wired and wireless networks.

IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solutions use AI-based machine learning and advanced analytics to help detect, investigate and respond to hidden inside attacks that have evaded perimeter defenses – before they do damage.

12:30 – 12:50
Demo Theater Sessions A-D
A - Unlocking the True Potential of your Data with No Limits
Marc-Oliver Satur, Micro Focus
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The future belongs to the fast, and Vertica delivers the fastest, most scalable advanced analytics platform. Vertica’s SQL Data Warehouse is trusted by the world’s leading data-driven companies, including Bank of America, Cerner, Etsy, Intuit, Uber and more to deliver speed, scale and reliability on mission-critical analytics.

Vertica combines the power of a high-performance, massively parallel processing SQL query engine with advanced analytics and machine learning. Find out how to unlock the true potential of your data with no limits and no compromises with Vertica.

B - Industry 4.0 and Digital Quality along the Internet of Production Reference Architecture at e.Go
Ernest Debest, e.GO
Florian Dörr, HPE

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e.GO Mobile AG was founded in 2015 by Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh as a manufacturer of electric vehicles. On the RWTH Aachen campus, the 300 employees so far not only benefit from the pioneering project StreetScooter, they also use the unique network of the campus with its research facilities and approx. 360 technology companies. Agile teams are working on various cost-effective and customer-oriented electric vehicles for short-distance traffic. For series production, e.GO Mobile AG is currently putting its new Industrie 4.0 plant in Aachen Rothe Erde into operation. E.Go, PTC, Relimetrics and HPE are collaborating to build an Digital Quality Solution for the e.Go End-of-Line Quality process.

C - How to increase IT Productivity and make IT easier. HPE Adaptive Management Services, Partnering to deliver IT as a Service
Frank Muellers, HPE
Fabian Buchner, HPE

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Should IT be more aligned to business outcomes? Does IT need to be as resource-intensive as it is? Whether managing infrastructure, workloads, applications or the complexity of IT that spans core to cloud to edge, there is a better way. With HPE Adaptive Management Services, you can focus your limited resources on business innovation while HPE operates IT on your behalf. Learn how to leverage our highly automated and process-driven approach to gain predictability and simplicity, and key insights to help you plan your business future.

D - Your On-Premise Cloud-Like Experience - Superpower your Datacenter Infrastructure with HPE’s Composable Vision
Andreas Claus Schmidt, HPE
Andreas Wolf, HPE

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HPE’s new composability solutions expand on our innovative foundational elements of fluid resources pools, software-defined intelligence, and a unified API – extending this value proposition on a choice of workload-optimized form-factors (modular or discrete rack-servers).

E - HPE on HPE? How do we do Security?!
Elizabeth Joyce, HPEElizabeth Joyce, HPE
13:00 - 13:20
Transition to Keynote
13:20 - 13:30
Johannes Koch, Managing Director HPE Germany and SVP DACH Geo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
13:30 - 14:50
General Session
Antonio Neri, President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
14:50 - 15:10
Transition to Breakout Sessions
15:10 - 16:30
Coffee break in the Exhibition
15:10 - 15:40
Breakout Sessions Round 1
Accelerate your Transformation to Hybrid Cloud
Ralf Kiwitzki, HPE
Tobias Regenfuss, Accenture

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Everyone’s on a transformation journey – the key is driving speed in today’s hybrid reality. We live in a hyper-connected world where everyone and increasingly everything is generating and sharing data, creating new value and driving a new speed of business. Hybrid cloud success stems from a strategy spanning technology, people, and economics. We will share how we can help you identify the right mix of clouds for your apps and workloads, adopt new IT consumption models, better manage your clouds, and modernize your infrastructure for cloud experiences on and off-premises.

Data Pipeline - Optimizing Insights from Edge to Cloud
Viviane Schmidt, HPE
Dennis Geisse, HPE

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Moving data between systems or from edge devices to the data centers usually requires many steps: from copying data, to moving it from an edge device to an on-premise location or into the cloud, to reformatting it or joining it with other data sources. A data pipeline is the sum of all these steps, and its job is to ensure that these steps all happen fast and reliably to the dataset. Hence, the proposed solution comprises the establishment of an end-to-end data pipeline from the edge through “streaming analytics” and big data to the machine learning capabilities at the core. This is done by leveraging the established reference architecture from recent projects.

“To the Cloud… and Beyond“ – A New Experience in the Intelligent Edge
Axel Simon, Aruba
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Aruba delivers an enterprise architecture story for the intelligent edge, spanning from datacenter to core to the access network layer including AI-driven security and mobile engagement solutions.

Dynamic to Persistent: Intel® Optane™ DC persistent Memory and the Emerging Revolution take Shape within the Memory and Storage
Furnanz Ken, Intel
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Come hear about the revolutionary paradigm shift that’s taking shape within the server memory and storage categories. Learn how to unlock new levels of performance for business workloads and solve the growing need for more compute capability for memory-intensive applications by combining the best of the traditional DRAM memory and NAND storage features. Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory is on the leading edge of bridging the gap between traditional memory and storage solutions by delivering the best attributes of both technologies. These new and exciting solutions offer the flexibility to choose between enabling unprecedented high levels of memory capacity or extraordinarily fast storage, or both – all in one single product!

Von der Legacy in die hybride Welt – So gelingt die Transformation eines mittelständischen Unternehmens in agilen Zeiten
Harald Weickert, CIO Bechtle
Heiko Faure, Leiter Digital Solutions Bechtle

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Für IT-Organisationen beginnt eine neue Ära! Innovative Geschäftsmodelle, revolutionäre Denkweisen und Arbeitsmodelle erfordern innerhalb der IT-Organisation eine grundlegende Transformation. Neue Geschäftsmodelle bieten enorme Chancen und hohes Geschäftspotential für Unternehmen, neue Aufgabenstellungen in den IT Organisationen erfordern schnelles Handeln. Wie ist ein ITMittelständler an diese Aufgabenstellung herangegangen? Das erfahren Sie in diesem Praxisforum aus erster Hand. Der Wandel zur Service Economy, Marktrends wie Multi Cloud sowie eine enorme Dynamik in den Business-Anforderungen sind Alltag und fordern IT-Leiter zur Transformation der eigenen IT-Organisation auf – nach dem Motto anpassen, verändern, erneuern. Auf was sollten wir, mit Blick auf die nächste Dekade, vorbereitet sein - was sollten wir nicht aus den Augen verlieren?

Sehen Sie am Beispiel eines mittelständischen ITUnternehmens wie der Weg von der Legacy in die hybride Welt gelingen kann.

SAP Managed IaaS & HANA-as-a-Service on TCS Cloud
Gerard Louis, Chief Architect & Global Head - SAP IaaS & HANAaaS on TCS Cloud, Tata Consultancy Services
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SAP HANA TDI-Phase V certified Compute, Storage, Net. Level 0 Optimized for customer specific workload. The overall pricing is cheaper on private cloud for a committed model. No charges for Network bandwidth.

  • Scalable - Scaling of CPU/RAM is very simple in the TDI model
  • Security and Automation on Cloud - Enterprise Class Network Firewall with modules for Intrusion Prevention. Policy & Role based access to Infrastructure Elements – PIM/PAM
  • Support for Legacy Platform - All SAP application versions within SAP maintenance are supported on public cloud. Supports all combinations of OS/DB types
  • Migration and Greenfield implementation - Implement and Monitor anti-malware, virtual patching, log inspection and application control
Running Cloud the right way: HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud powered by HPE GreenLake Central
Rajesh Mistry, HPE
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HPE GreenLake Hybrid cloud is taking simplicity to the next level by removing the complexity of Hybrid Cloud and offering a fully-managed and consumption enabled service for on- and off-premises cloud resources. With HPE GreenLake Central organizations can quickly transform to a cloud model through a self-service user portal to easily access HPE GreenLake and Hybrid Cloud services, as well as a marketplace of solutions.

16:00 - 16:30
Breakout Sessions Round 2
Accelerate Everything with the Intelligent Data Platform
Sandeep Singh, HPE
Johannes Weidacher, Rhode & Schwarz

+ Read more

The Intelligence Era is giving birth to the Intelligent Enterprise. An enterprise that is Always-On, Always Fast, Always Agile, and Built for Innovation. With data at the heart of everything you do, you need to unlock all the value out of your data. Our Intelligent Data Platform is built upon workload-optimized systems for hybrid cloud and underpinned by HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure. Join us to see how we recently advanced the Intelligent Data Platform in a big way – with HPE Primera, HPE SimpliVity, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HPE Hybrid Cloud for Google Cloud’s Anthos and, with HPE BlueData.

Take the Fast Lane to Building a Secure and Scalable Hybrid Cloud with HPE Synergy and VMware Cloud Foundation
Krista Satterthwaite, HPE
+ Read more

HPE Synergy with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) provides the easiest path to an agile and secure hybrid cloud platform. It includes unique integration that brings the power of composability to VCF, increasing efficiency and agility to meet the changing business demands. Learn more about the integration between HPE OneView and SDDC management environment with all the new features enabled by the latest release of VCF on HPE Synergy.

Accelerate your AI Journey from Data to Insight
Stephan Gillich, Intel
+ Read more

Want to remove barriers between theory and reality for building your AI Solutions to get from data to insight? The first step to an AI solution is to discover what’s possible and how to get started. You can get started faster with community support e.g. by partnering with an AI provider to access existing AI solutions and support, or by learning the fundamentals of AI in workshops.

The second step is to get your data in order - making sure the data is accessible, and usable to learn from it as well as integrated in the deployment workflow.

The third step is to create an AI model. You can speed this step with open AI software – machine & deep learning kernels, frameworks and tools for optimized AI modeling on the hardware type makes the most sense for your environment.

The final step is to deploy your AI solution. You can now deploy on a CPU or other AI hardware choice, no matter what kind of AI workload(s) you’re running.

The AI journey will be illustrated by real customer examples.

Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease with Memory-Driven Computing on an Edge-to-Cloud Service Mesh gets us Closer to Finding a Cure
Kirk Bresniker, HPE
Prof. Dr. Dr. Pierluigi Nicotera, DZNE
Dr. Matthias Becker, DZNE

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The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), is dedicated to finding the hidden signs of Alzheimer’s, long before it appears. In a large-scale effort, DZNE is collecting data from more than 30,000 individuals every three years over the next 30 years. This study will begin to unlock answers that lead to early detection, treatment therapies and a greater understanding of the disease, but because of the limitations associated with traditional computing systems, DZNE were without the capabilities to effectively utilize this explosion of data. Find out how Memory-Driven Computing and new security technologies are coming together in a edge-tocloud service mesh that allows seamless access to data and compute resources for all scientific disciplines from research, to clinical trials and the ultimate goal: a cure.

I OEM! Do you OEM?
Matt Quirk, HPE
Becca Cross, Konica Minolta

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In times of omnipresent digitization, a rocketing number of devices contain computing elements. As a leading manufacturer of IT products, HPE supplies a multitude of industries and manufacturers with state of the art technology.

In this brief presentation the key facts about HPE’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) - ecosystem, will be explained. Topics included are:

  • Who are OEMs and why are they important to us?
  • The four pillars of HPE´s OEM Ecosystem
  • What´s in for me? Why choose HPE as a partner?
  • How to become an OEM partner
16:30 - 17:30
Exhibition including Demo Theater Sessions A-E
16:40 – 17:00
Demo Theater Sessions A-E
A - The Changing Landscape of Data Centers – Hybrid Edge to Core
Steven Carlini, Schneider Electric
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Data Centers have come a long way from the old mainframe computer rooms of the past to complex mesh hybrid architectures from edge to core. In this session we will discuss emerging edge applications – retail (including video analytics), 5G MEC architecture, and clouds move to the edge. We will discuss the collaboration and partnership between Schneider Electric and HPE to drive innovation at the enterprise and industrial edge to include new integrated vertical applications and management capabilities.

B - BMW Group High Performance D3 Platform
Marcus Brunner, BMW
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The new BMW Group High Performance D3 platform represents a key milestone on the BMW Group’s roadmap to highly and fully automated driving. The BMW Group Technology Partner is DXC. The High Performance D3 platform is based on HPE Infrastructure. The “D3” in the new IT platform’s name stands for Data-Driven Development, which forms the basis for the development and validation of highly and fully automated driving functions. Data-Driven Development is an indispensable tool in securing the safety and reliability of the Level 3 system to be offered in the BMW iNEXT in late 2021.

Using a single platform for data storage, processing and AI training lowers the hardware and software requirements, thereby reducing costs and complexity. Data can be gathered globally but monitored centrally. This has the effect of maximizing efficiency and cutting costs.

C - Accelerate Business Innovation with AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics using BlueData
Dennis Geisse, HPE
Aileen Toleikis, HPE

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With HPE’s acquisition of BlueData and MapR, HPE provides solutions to help you increase agility and flexibility for your data science and development teams – to accelerate business innovation and deliver faster time-to-value. Find out how you can provide an as-a-service experience for AI, machine learning (ML), and advanced data analytics - either on-premises or in a hybrid cloud architecture. Discover how you can spin up instant AI / ML and analytics environments using containers, powered by Kubernetes. And learn how our container software platform can run all of your enterprise workloads, while ensuring enterprise-class security and reducing costs.

D - HPE is your Vendor of Choice and Provides the Perfect Infrastructure to Power any Container Solutions
Kiril Petsev, HPE
Dirk Derichsweiler, HPE

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RedHat OpenShift, Rancher and Google Anthos are just a few of the solutions we have in our portfolio. This session provides a high level overview of all available solutions, reference architectures, product bundles and deployment models.

E - Medical Imaging aus der Cloud, die fortschreitende Digitalisierung in der Medizin
Tom Van Mulders, HPE
Immo Neumann, GE Medical

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Mehrere tausende von Bildern werden täglich von Radiologen und anderen Spezialisten befundet. Eine Flut an Datenmengen mittels derer eine schnellstmögliche und genaue Diagnose für den Patienten gestellt werden muss, die oft lebensentscheidend ist. Oft holen sie sich eine zweite Meinung bei anderen Medizinern ein. Das kostet zum Teil wertvolle Zeit.

17:10 – 17:30
Demo Theater Sessions A-E
A - “Alexa, please deploy SAP HANA fully compliant to all related SAP Notes in 15 Minutes!”
Daniel Frommel, HPE
Peter Körner, Red Hat

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Deploying SAP HANA is a tedious task and often takes several days to complete. Lots of SAP Notes need to be followed and the deployment itself is not just “yum install”. We show in a live demo on stage how automation eases the whole process, being cloud / “on premise” agnostic, assures repeatability, and adds searchable mandatory deployment documentation with no additional effort. We will discuss related operations concepts and strategies that will benefit from Ansible automation.

B - Functional Testing on Fully Autonomous Driving Functions – How to Solve the 10bn Mile Problem
Thomas Meier, HPE
Martin Eichhorn, DXC

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In traditional functional testing, simulation prepares the build of the expensive hardware-in-loop (HIL) system and delay to build even more expensive prototype vehicles for final road testing. On this background, in the conventional model, approximate accuracy of the simulation used to be acceptable. However, to verify and validate SAE Level 5, there is far too much functional testing to be performed to ever imagine doing this in a real road test – some speak about having to drive 10 billion miles. We’ll discuss how verification and validation has to be used to prove the accuracy of exact simulation models to bypass road testing and confidently “drive” the billion miles in pure simulation.

C - HPE + Cray undisputed global leader in HPC and AI deliver IT as a Service
Philippe Lachamp, HPE
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HPE and Cary together are united in our vision to be a global leader in high performance computing. With combined expertise and R&D engines, we are better positioned to help our customers solve their most data-intensive challenges both today and well into the future.

D - Unified Analytics from Edge to Cloud with HPE MapR
Dennis Geisse, HPE
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HPE has acquired the business assets of MapR Technologies, Inc., a leading data platform for artificial intelligence and analytics applications powered by scale-out, multi-cloud, and multiprotocol file system technology. This acquisition is an asset deal, and includes MapR technology, intellectual property, and domain expertise in AI/ML and Analytics Data Management

E - “Smart Data Platform” to host Smart City Use Cases
Ralph Schirmeisen, HPE
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How to build a highly connected, secure and easy to manage hybrid IT foundation for smart cities (from Edge to Core to Cloud).

17:30 - 19:00
Free time, Transition to Hotel, Evening Event location
19:00 - 19:30
Welcome drinks at Löwenbräukeller
19:30 - 23:00
Dinner and networking
23:00 - 23:30
End of Day 1
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Learn more about 21 more breakout sessions from HPE and its partners soon. Join our Hybrid Cloud, Data & AI and Edge experts for first-hand information on innovative products, solutions and services.

In the five demo theatres, of our exhibition on two levels, you will learn everything about numerous technology and industry projects, customer examples, product and solution innovations as well as service offerings in more than 60 further sessions. Most of these you will also be able to experience in the exhibition itself and in-depth discussions with our experts.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover More Munich General Session

We are creating a world where everything computes -- where everyone and everything will be connected, powered by intelligence and informed by data. In this world, successful enterprises will invent, reinvent and drive new outcomes at warp speed and hyper-efficiency. At Tuesday’s General Session, hear from Hewlett Packard Enterprise President and Chief Executive Officer, Antonio Neri and his co-speakers, to explore how to best transform your technology, people and economics in order to connect all of your data, all of your edges and all of your clouds, everywhere.

The Intelligent Edge is here

The Intelligent Edge intersects people, places, things and their data. Data that can be transformed into insights that digitally redefine experiences and create new efficiencies. At HPE Discover More, we highlight how these new experiences and efficiencies enable citizens, customers, employees, and growth. In the presentation, HPE lays out the elements of the Intelligent Edge, and how it helps you digitally redefine your world.

Accelerate your transformation to hybrid cloud

Everyone’s on a transformation journey – the key is driving speed in today’s hybrid reality. We live in a hyper-connected world where everyone and increasingly everything is generating and sharing data, creating new value and driving a new speed of business. Hybrid cloud success stems from a strategy spanning technology, people, and economics. We will share how we can help you identify the right mix of clouds for your apps and workloads, adopt new IT consumption models, better manage your clouds, and modernize your infrastructure for cloud experiences on- and off-premises.

Accelerate Everything with the Intelligent Data Platform

The Intelligence Era is giving birth to the Intelligent Enterprise. An enterprise that is Always-On, Always Fast, Always Agile, and Built for Innovation. With data at the heart of everything you do, you need to unlock all the value out of your data. Our Intelligent Data Platform is built upon workload-optimized systems for hybrid cloud and underpinned by HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure. Join us to see how we recently advanced the Intelligent Data Platform in a big way – with HPE Primera, HPE SimpliVity, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HPE Hybrid Cloud for Google Cloud’s Anthos and, with HPE BlueData.


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